Spectra Speaks: Our Voices, Our Stories, Our RevolutionSpectra Speaks: Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Revolution

Saying No to Media Saviorism, Celebrating Africa’s Resistance

How about we — as global gender justice advocates — subvert the idea that women are perpetual victims by covering our collective resistance? How about we cut back on the sensationalism — the shock tactics and controversy we once deployed to get mainstream media to pay attention to issues important to us — and now spend time amassing a historical archive of positive happenings that could inspire legendary bed time stories of the many feminist heroes and heroines that have been paving the way to our liberation?

Anti-Muslim Bigot Literally Takes a “Stab” at Patriotism

I just read the article on ColorLines.com about the NYC stabbing of a Muslim cab driver… I’m filled with so much rage. I can’t believe this. And yet, I can. I’m so ashamed today to ever defend this country from…

Rant: Neo-Colonialists Demand to Know Why I Don’t Call Myself “American”

Simply put, I don’t want to — I’m Nigerian. But in case this isn’t enough for you, here’s my angry rebuttal. I’m leaving it angry because, well I’m angry, at constantly having to defend the right to claim my Nigerian…


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