Spectra Speaks: Our Voices, Our Stories, Our RevolutionSpectra Speaks: Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Revolution

A Gay Zulu Wedding and the Danger of a Single LGBT African Story

I’ve been mulling over the gay zulu wedding fiasco over the past few weeks. I was excited to see it, but something left me unsettled. Here are my thoughts, inspired by a TEDTalk by one of my favorite writers, Chimamanda Adichie, “The Danger of a Single Story.”

Africans for Africa: Press Coverage of GlobalGiving Social Media and Online Fundraising Workshop in Johannesburg

“Various charities in and around Johannesburg will add impetus to their fundraising drive if Spectra has anything to do with it.”

I just received a scanned image of an article that was printed in a local Johannesburg paper about my Social Media and Online Fundraising training for African NGOs, hosted by REEA Foundation and GlobalGiving! Read the full article here, along with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees! #geeked

[VIDEO] Africans for Africa Update: A Day at The Ibhabhathane Community Centre

I recently visited the Ibhabhathane Community Centre, the only pre-school available in Rieebeck East, a small farm village with a population of about 700 people. Needless to say, providing good quality education (much less early childhood development) is a challenge. But a small group of dedicated women are making a difference.

Celebrate LGBTI Africa’s Pride Everyday (and Everywhere, Not Just Uganda)

I have witnessed the daily grind of empowerment of black South African lesbians, watched them sink and wade through the cultural stigma that surrounds them like a mist, clouding the world’s perception of their lives as ordinarily human. Thus, I have come to re-affirm my belief that we must also celebrate our proud perseverance, our steady survival, just as fervently as we do our big, bold acts of bravery.

Racism and LGBT Rights: Where are the African Films in the South African LGBT Film Festival?

South Africa’s 19th Out in Africa LGBT Film Festival opens this weekend and there is certainly no shortage of films about women, quite an achievement to note given how often the LGBT community is depicted as male. Yet, within the context of Africa, the LGBT community is also frequently perceived (and depicted) as white and western. So, my question is: where are all the black South African films in this “African” LGBT festival?


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