Writer, Media Advocate, Love Evangelist

Meet Spectra

Writer, Media Advocate & Love Evangelist

Spectra is an award-winning Nigerian writer, media advocate, and afrofeminist social commentator with an unconventional agenda: inspiring ordinary people to harness the two most powerful forces of social change in the world, empathy and love.

Spectra’s daily life experiences at the intersection of multiple identities — as a queer, gender non-conforming African woman, among others — are the inspiration for her belief in the power of human connections to build bridges across seemingly opposing perspectives.

As such, her work as a writer, storyteller, and media advocate personalizes the often-too-distant political, tackling complex and controversial issues of identity, power, and privilege through the lens of healthy and authentic relationships.

Her vision of the world is one in which conversations about “change” and “social justice” are reframed as shared commitments to “healing” and “fairness”, in turn fueled by individual commitments to self-awareness and self-improvement.

Her purpose is to do activism differently, to awaken in herself and in others, the courage, vulnerability, empathy, self-awareness, and unrelenting commitment to personal growth required to heal and transform each other – and the world – for the better.


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Join the Love Revolution

Spectra Speaks is the digital platform for global citizens committed to adopting, modeling, and promoting a more human-centered approach to healing the world.

We envision a world in which ordinary people and do-gooders alike promote personal development as one of the most critical building blocks of change and thus, are emboldened to make active contributions towards transforming the world, by transforming themselves, forging stronger, healthier, and more authentic connections with with others in the process.

We believe in magic.
We believe in the power of human connections.
We believe in good faith, and good intentions.
We believe in empathy, vulnerability, courage, and forgiveness.
And we believe in shared experiences, and shared missions.

Love is Our Revolution. Join Us.

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