Spectra Speaks: Our Voices, Our Stories, Our RevolutionSpectra Speaks: Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Revolution

Dear Western Saviorists, Stop Reducing Africa to a Play Pen for Your Personal Development

From Colorlines: “When Mindy Budgor was 27 years old, she apparently tried to find meaning in her life by temporarily ditching her wealth in Santa Barbara and jetting over to hang with the poor people of Kenya.” Read the full story, and my less than tempered response to yet another instance of western saviorism. (Gawd.)

7 Social Media Ideas That Will Strengthen Digital Activism in Africa

Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in the West African Civil Society Institute (WACSI)‘s Social Media Experts conference in Accra, Ghana. The conference brought together African social media experts, enthusiasts, and activists from across the continent, which got me thinking about ways we can strengthen “digital activism” across the continent.

Social Media for Social Change: 10 Tips from a Queer African Media Activist

I recently published a personal reflection of my accidental, non-linear career trajectory as a writer and a media activist. In addition to my philosophy about using media for change, I wanted to share a few tangible new media tips, tricks, and strategies that have been helpful to me as well. So here are 10 tips, in no particular order, and a quote from Spiderman that summarizes it all.

Making It In Media, Accidentally: One Queer African Writer’s Journey to Paradise

My career path in media hasn’t been linear or conventional by any means. I went to MIT to study Mathematics, before realizing that I was really an artist. My parents are still in recovery. But everything will work out. It always does. Don’t drive your career with someone else’s rear view mirror. Don’t tailgate an externally constructed ambition or let someone else’s version of success distract you the most important driver on the road… you.

Spectra Speaks on “The Power of Storytelling: LGBT History, The Media, and the African/Black Diaspora”

Are you affiliated with a college, university, or high school who’s seeking speakers for the upcoming academic year? Are you a conference in search of an inspirational keynote speaker? A loyal reader of my blog? :) Check out my latest talk, “The Power of Storytelling: LGBT Rights, the Media, and the African/Black Diaspora” and help bring my love revolution to as many spaces as possible!


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