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My mother always used to say to me, “I don’t care what you do out there, but as soon as you step into my house…”

She’d never finish. But I knew exactly what she meant. I feel the same way about my “space” on the internet; it is sacred, but more importantly it is mine. This blog is my internet home address, and so you see I’ve chosen to open its doors to visitors, with the expectation that they respect my space.

So, remember: there are rules to follow if you want to remain welcome in my house.

I write about critical and controversial topics, for the purpose of inspiring change, which we all know can be exhilarating, but also very uncomfortable. Hence, I expect the comments section to represent strong and often opposing sentiments to what is written by myself and other commenters. However…

I write to inspire discussion, not spark verbal riots.

I welcome (in fact, I encourage) different points of view — healthy debate is fun! — but comments that are intentionally insulting, overtly offensive, defensive, disruptive, or derailing i.e. not focused on the subject at hand, and/or re-centers the narrative will NOT be approved.

Comments that do not stay on topic (a huge pet peeve of mine) will not be approved.

Comments that contain an excess of profanity will also not be approved.

Commenters who repeatedly break the rules of my house will be uninvited.

Trust me, you don’t want the internet equivalent of me dragging you by your ear out the door; you will be called out first before being permanently blocked from participating in future conversations on this blog.

But, hopefully, it won’t get to that.

You’ll listen before you respond.

You’ll engage in disagreement, not because you want to win, but because you want to learn.

You’ll respect where everyone is coming from.
(Do note: Kitchen table feminism in my home holds more power than a PhD.)

If you’re an ally, you’ll declare yourself as such openly, and respect that my home is a safe haven for brown people like me.

Now that we’re all square on that, please do come in! Make yourself at home, have some mango juice.

All love warriors are welcome here :)

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