Meet Spectra

Afrofeminist Writer, Media Advocate, and Love Evangelist

Spectra is an award-winning, afrofeminist Nigerian writer, media advocate, and social commentator with an unconventional agenda: inspiring ordinary people to harness two of the most powerful forces of social change in our realm — love and empathy.

Empathy for Change, Love as a Revolution

Her life’s journey — experienced at the intersection of multiple socio- and geo-political contexts as a gender non-conforming, queer African woman, and attempted suicide survivor — is the main inspiration for her belief in the power of human connections to build bridges across and through identities, cultures, beliefs, and perspectives seemingly at odds.

Love as a RevolutionAs a writer, Spectra is known for personalizing oft-too-distant and theoretical political issues by reframing them as more accessible dialogue. She uses storytelling as a tool for facilitating critical public conversations that highlight issues of identity, power, and privilege within scenarios more easily recognized in the everyday.

In her own words: “My vision of the world is one where social justice is reframed as a shared commitment to fairness; where social change in our communities is re-imagined as an intentional social healing of our personal relationships; and where activism is anchored by individual commitments to self-awareness and self-improvement, resulting in healthier, more empathic, and more authentic connections among us –not just as ambassadors to political causes, but as people.”

Writing, Storytelling, and Media Activism

In addition to her blog, Spectra Speaks, Spectra is a co-founder and managing editor at Queer Women of Color Media Wire (QWOC Media Wire), a digital platform that amplifies the voices of LGBTI racial and ethnic minorities around the world.

Spectra on MediaShe’s also the creative director at The SAIA Company (SAIA), a brand strategy and communications agency that support rogues, rebels, and renegades to develop thought leadership platforms and wield their great ideas as influence.

Spectra currently splits her time between the U.S. and Nigeria, and is editing a collection of poetry from LGBT Africa for an upcoming anthology, while also planning a queer afrofeminist wedding with her soulmate. Follow her daily musings on Twitter @spectraspeaks.

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